International Air Freight Transport

  1. Fast accurate and safety worldwide service
  2. Easy transport, lower cost and better service
  3. AD-Hoc rate negotiation with Multiple Carrier
  4. Upgrade customer’s Air Freight to core business class of JFO-Maimex force



国土交通省より認可を受けた、NVOCC(Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier = 非船舶運航業者)として、国内外の大手貿易業者をはじめ多種多様なお客様から厚い信頼を得て多彩な取引を実現しています。港から港、戸口から戸口まで、さらに第三国間の仲介輸送や見本市展示貨物の輸送と会場ハンドリングにいたるまで、多岐にわたり、お手伝いさせて頂きます。


International Ocean Freight Transport

  1. Either FCL or LCL to the Port to Port and Land to Land even Door to Doot
  2. Just-In-Time shipping with the most efficient experienced and excellent service
  3. Stuffing and Devanning Service on Shipper and Consignee behalf
  4. Flexible and compatible service with contracted steamship lines






  1. 費用見積りと本邦での精算
  2. 調達国での貨物受取証券(FCR)の発行と船荷証券(House B/L)の日本発行
  3. 積地での貨物引取りから着地での引き渡しにいたる情報の提供



Cross Trade Cargo Transport

Responding to the recent trade market that traders procure the raw material in the foreign countries and transfer to other countries for remanufacturing purpose and return back of complete product to Japan or purchasing the complete product and sell to other countries we can offer our high quality service through our worldwide network assuming the following services.


  1. Providing of quotation and settlement of costs in Japan
  2. Issuance of FCR to supplier at the origin and issuance of House B/L in Japan
  3. Providing of information relate to the progress of cargo movement upto final delivery.